Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer School

I am going to be in summer school. It starts a few days after school is over and lasts until June 30th. The classes I am going to be in are    hip-hop,creative writing, math ,and art class. I love all my classes especially creative hand writing and art . 

I love to draw in my notebook.I draw trees and lots of other stuff too. What I love drawing is weeping willows and trees that have lost their leaves.I love to write in my notebook too. I like just writing stuff down . I write all kinds of stuff down in my notebook like what I want for my birthday and what I want for Christmas too. 

The reason I wanted to do hip-hop is because I like to dance .I like to dance with my sister Gracelynn .We dance with each other all the time . She's a great dancer. I love math but I am bad at it. With adding subtracting and fractions I am good at but dividing and multiplying I am bad at . But I try my hardest at them all .

My mom Rachel and I love art. Sometimes I spray paint with her it.Spray painting is so much fun! That is why I like art. You can see her space painting on You Tube. Just click here.

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