Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cicada Crazy!!

My bike got a flat tire today. I was riding it at the park with my mom and sisters and the back tire made a hissing noise. I thought it was my mom's bike and I freaked out because she just got it yesterday, but no, it was my bike. :( I'm really sad because I have no clue when we can get a new tire. But my little sister let me ride her bike for a little bit and I even got to ride my mom's bike. Then I went to play on the swings. It was still a fun day even though it was 100 degrees outside. My mom put sunscreen on us before we went to ride bikes. I'm glad because getting sunburn is no fun.

We took pictures of cicadas this evening. My sister Gracelynn screamed and ran away every time one came near her. My sister Sapphire caught them in her net. I just watched mom and helped her take pictures.

My mom holding a cicada. They kept flying and landing on her.

This is what the cicadas leave behind.

My moms new bike.

A picture I took.

And I am working on a new song to sign for you guys. I will give you a hint. It is patriotic. A lot of people have told my mom that I spelled the word sign wrong. I didn't. I am not singing I am signing. :) There will be a post coming soon about a big giveaway I am doing. Please read my blog then to find out about it.

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