Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Presentation on Rosa Parks

I am sick, so my mom is typing for me instead of me writing. I have thrown up three times tonight, and I will probably miss school tomorrow. I'm glad I got to go today. I did my presentation. I really wanted to be Rosa Parks, but a few other people did, too. I got lucky and worked hard, and got to be Rosa Parks!!


  1. Awesome job Nellie!!!! So proud of you!!!!

  2. Hi Nellie,

    I just wanted to say hi and let you know I like your blog. I have a couple of blogs too, and your mom visited them and so that is how I found you. : ) I thought your Rosa Parks project was SO COOL that I made it into a book project for my kids and a bunch of our homeschooling friends. We are going to make a book of Important People in American History and when it is done we will present it at an upcoming Author's Fair. I am very excited about this, so thank you for sharing your project!

    P.S. I am writing this from all the way over on Monterey Bay, CA. You can look it up on a map if you want. : )


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