Thursday, March 4, 2010


I cooked dinner tonight. I cooked a casserole with tomatoes, mushrooms, and noodles covered in alfredo sauce. I did not eat it because I am sick. I ate chicken noodle soup. I like being sick because I get to stay home and I get more attention than my other sisters. And I like it!

I had a school thing that I had to be Rosa Parks and I had to do a book report! I do not think that I have to do a book report. I was Rosa Parks. I was awesome! And sometimes when I am sick I might get more attention than my mommy Rachel! Wow, amazing!

You should check out my website I like being on a website. You can check out our tutus they are so cute maybe sometime I will buy one (ehem..even though my mom made me one already). I love my website it is awesome do you like it?


  1. Yes, that is a beautiful website. Thanks for coming to my blog.

  2. Great site. Following you from Tag, your it!


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